The Right Level of Care

In some case, weekly EXRP is not sufficient. It may because the OCD symptoms are just too impairing, or because the between-session homework seems too difficult or for other possible reasons. In these cases, its important to find the right ‘Level of Care.” This ranges from weekly outpatient sessions all the way to full time residential treatment.

Dr. Tropper is able to offer intensive outpatient EXRP. Specifically, this can be as little as two and as many as five times a week of daily EXRP. Depending on the number of weekly sessions, it may be done in conjunction with Dr. Tropper’s colleagues, also expert in EXRP.

Return to Functioning

The goal of intensive EXRP is to return to good functioning as soon as possible. Compressing more sessions into a shorter period of time is a way of ‘increasing the dose’ of EXRP, allowing to be more effective, more rapidly. Some may need to take temporary leave from their typical responsibilities to engage in intensive treatment, while many intensive candidates have already done so due to their OCD symptoms.